Maintenance and Support

Ongoing support and development makes all the difference.

Sure, design is exciting, and site launches are a huge deal--but there are often great ideas that come up in the months after launch as the members of your team become experts in your new site or data system. Following up on new ideas keeps your website leaping forward with your organization.

Support is not an afterthought with us--we take the same care to understand your users and your needs, we provide the same cost-benefit advice and the same detailed estimates, and we involve the same fantastic project managers, designers, and developers that build our sites from scratch.

A little attention from designers keeps your site looking great.

Our designers don't stop caring about your site when it launches. In addition to feature development and training support, we offer ongoing support from our design team. They can lay out new pages, design new campaigns or calls to action, or even select and crop images to keep the site looking its best. It's easy for a site to slide after launch as it's updated piecemeal month after month--a little additional help from our designers can keep the site up-to-date and evolving for years to come.

All of our clients have total ownership of their digital assets--while we keep the lights on and the servers running.

It's a core GR value that our clients own their stuff--that means you own and pay the bill for your virtual server directly to your third-party host (usually Amazon EC2) and you own your domain name and third-party accounts (Mailchimp, SendGrid, etc.). In order to make that possible, GR has developed a unique distributed infrastructure that allows us to efficiently monitor, update, and manage a large number of separate EC2 servers individually owned by our clients. We use Ansible to automate server deployment and updates, Nagios to monitor our clients' sites, S3 buckets individually owned and controlled by our clients to hold daily backups, and custom backup verification scripts to make sure backups are working as planned.