Architecture and Design

What do your users need? What do you need from your users?

We begin by understanding your users--who are your constituents for this site? We'll identify what they want so we can make it easy for them.  As a starting point, we'll take a look at your current analytics to map the real-world behavior of your visitors.

Next we ask what YOU want your users to do. We need to know what actions we're trying to get your visitors to take on your site, so you can make the right ask at the right time--and measure our success.

We'll create a content inventory, then work from that to create a revised architecture for your new site. We'll draft a site map, define content types, and document the page elements that will appear across the site. That gives us a working list of moving parts to design and eventually build.

Our designers create a design with purpose.

Now that the goals have been identified, we'll establish a shared design vocabulary to help us communicate your brand and tell your story. We'll work our way through your new site architecture, designing as we go. All of our designs will be tailored for different screen sizes--and we'll be thinking about the different needs of your mobile users.  When we present our designs to you, we'll explain the reasons behind our design decisions so we can have a detailed and substantive discussion. Then we'll build a beautiful site that serves your users and your mission.