Why are you called Giant Rabbit?

Because "Heath-and-Haight" sounds like an evil law firm in a Dickens novel. Because rabbits are tougher and smarter than most people think. Because we help small organizations do gigantic things.

Can you help me find a real, live giant rabbit?

No. (We get requests like this from time to time.) If you're interested in real, live rabbits, we recommend a visit to the House Rabbit Society; they can help you adopt and care for one.

Why did you start Giant Rabbit?

Because we love technology, but we only get really excited about it when it's being used to make the world a better place. For years Peter and Daniel volunteered for NPOs while they worked other jobs, but they realized they couldn't do a good job in their spare time. They started Giant Rabbit in 2006 so they could do it right.

What's your thing with Open Source software?

Open Source fits our personality, it fits our mission, and we feel it often fits our clients' needs. We're willing to use closed-source software if it's the best option, but we don't like black boxes. We like to be able to make changes when we want to, fix things that are broken, and we want our clients to have total control over their own software platform and their own data, forever. We support the open-source ecosystems that benefit our clients, and we contribute code back to them when we can.

Will you provide services for for-profit business?

Sometimes, sure. It helps if your business is making the world a better place in one way or another. Talk to us - we might be a good fit.

If we come to you for web design, will our website look like this?

No. When we design your web site, we build a site that tells your story for your users and expresses your brand values. Your website will look right for your organization and your goals.

What's with the spaceship?

What spaceship?

The spaceship.

Sssh. We don't discuss the spaceship.